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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Getting your skin summer ready

My favorite spa treatment from our line is the Salt Glow. Mainly because I am obsessed with body scrubs. And also because you leave with your skin positively aglow. This treatment is June’s monthly special, but July’s special will be the Tropical Tranquility, which also includes a body scrub. So both are perfect this season to […]

Hot steam, cool waterfall

I have a certain fondness for room Six Dragonflies, partially because my first memories of Watercourse Way are from being photographed in that room with my brother and parents for a newspaper ad in the early 1980s. But there are other reasons – the room is simply beautiful (it has changed quite a bit since […]

The benefits of Lavender

  Lavender is a plant instantly recognizable for its purple/blue hue and distinct fragrance. The soft velvety flowers, the aesthetically appealing color and design attracts not only the bees, but people all around the world. Medicinally, lavender relieves inflammation, burns and even acne. But for those aches and stresses on an internal level, there is […]

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