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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Retail spotlight: Creative time

From sundials to grandfather clocks to the Apple iWatch, telling time has evolved over the years. And with a milieu of time-telling devices available to the public, Watercourse Way is proud to carry a handful of stunningly creative clocks from Haoshi Design. Haoshi Design was established in 2009 in hopes of reminding people to appreciate […]

The super-scrub powers of Supracor

Every so often, nature and technology intersect for the benefit of body and spirit. Such is the case with Supracor, a Silicon Valley-based company that produces revolutionary products for home, health and comfort. Supracor bath mitts, facial sponges and body exfoliators are available at Watercourse Way and will be 15% off throughout September as part […]

Surfrider Foundation: A wave of goodwill

The ocean is a world of its own; a colorful blue-green world populated by incredibly unique plants and animals. That world is too often at risk from environmental threats, pollution and unchecked coastal development. Back in 1984, a group of Malibu-based surfers sought to protect their favorite surf spot from such dangers, and the Surfrider […]

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