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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Pride and compassion: The Palo Alto Fire Department

Santa Claus is not a firefighter, as far as we know, despite his red-heavy wardrobe and familiarity with chimneys. But members of the Palo Alto Fire Department do their best to channel Santa’s penchant for generosity with seasonal outreach and goodwill efforts. The PAFD demonstrates its selflessness and courage year-round, but in December it pours […]

Watercourse waves: Sugar and sea

• Our December spa special is the rejuvenating Sugar Plum Cranberry treatment. • Sip hot tea while you explore our retail department this month and check out some of our newest arrivals, such as aromatic boxed candles (complete with colorful agate coasters) from Mer Sea & Co. and creative stocking-stuffers like arrow pencils, acorn tea […]

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