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    Q: “Do you provide towels and/or robes?”

    A: Yes. Every private hot tub room includes two towels (additional towels available upon request), shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. We also provide robes, slippers and a tote bag for guests that are scheduled for a massage, spa treatment and/or facial following the hot tub.

    Q: “Can I bring food and/or drinks into the private hot tub room?”

    A: Alcohol is strictly prohibited on the premises, which is a City of Palo Alto ordinance. Glass is also prohibited in the hot tub rooms. Food is strongly discouraged. Beverages, such as water, juice or tea are allowed provided they are not in glass containers. For more about our policies, click here.

    Q: “Why can’t I use a hot tub room after a massage, spa treatment or facial?”

    A: The products used during body and facial treatments, such as massage oil or spa products, compromise the water quality in the hot tubs and cold plunges, and can damage the filtration systems. Even showering thoroughly may not completely remove all of the oil or product. In consideration of all of our guests, we do not allow use of the private hot tub rooms after a massage, spa treatment and/or facial.

    Q: “Where are you located?”

    A: We are in the heart of downtown Palo Alto, four blocks south of University Avenue on the corner of High Street and Channing Avenue. We are within a short walk of the University Avenue Caltrain station. For more detailed directions, click here.

    Q: “Is there parking at your location?”

    A: We have a small parking lot dedicated to customers of Watercourse Way while they are receiving services at the spa. It is located just next to the building and is marked by a wrought iron “Watercourse Way Parking” sign. There is also plenty of street parking available near and just outside our building. Please be aware that there is a two-hour limit for street parking Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Cars can be moved by staff if necessary for guests with appointments lasting longer than two hours. There is no time limit for street parking on weekends.

    Q: “Can I shower at your facility before or after my massage, spa treatment or facial?”

    A: Yes. We have several private shower rooms here at Watercourse Way that are first come/first serve and can be used before or after a treatment. Simply inform your therapist or a member of our front desk staff that you would like to shower after your treatment, and we will provide you with a robe and slippers for a comfortable transition from your treatment room to the private shower.

    Q: “Am I able to make a reservation online?”

    A: You can currently schedule one hour long massage or facial services online here. All other reservations, such as for our private hot tub rooms, couples massage, spa treatments and massages lasting longer than one hour must be scheduled in person or by phone. Please visit us at the spa or call us at (650) 462-2000 and allow us to give you our undivided, personalized attention.

    Q: “What do I need in order to make a reservation?”

    A: All reservations require a name, phone number and valid credit card number.

    Q: “Can I purchase a gift certificate for a specific service?”

    A: All of our digital gift certificates and classic gift cards are sold at a specified dollar amount rather than for a specific service. This is done in the event that a service is discontinued or undergoes a price adjustment. To purchase a gift card or digital certificate online, click here.

    Q: “What is the temperature in the hot tub and/or cold plunge?”

    A: The temperature in the hot tub and/or cold plunge can vary by several degrees, but the average temperature of the hot tub is approximately 103 degrees Fahrenheit and the average temperature of the cold plunge is approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Q: “Are swimsuits required in the private hot tub rooms?”

    A: No. In fact, some swimsuits react poorly to chlorine. We are not responsible if swimsuit fabrics react to the chemicals we use. Fading, discoloration or damage may occur.

    Q: “Do you accept SpaFinder and/or SpaWeek gift cards?”

    A: Yes. SpaFinder and SpaWeek gift cards can be used for any non-discounted service(s) and/or retail products. Discounts will not be applied when SpaFinder and/or SpaWeek gift cards are used.

    Q: “What is your cancellation policy?”

    A: We require a 24-hour notification to change or cancel a hot tub reservation or massage appointment, 48 hours to change or cancel Couples Massage, Facials or Spa Treatments and 72 hours to change or cancel group bookings (four or more) and spa packages. Late cancellations and no shows incur a 50% charge (or minimum one person charge in the case of hot tub cancellations) unless the scheduled time can be rebooked with a different client.

    Q: “Do you have a waiting room or lounge area?”

    A: We opened a new waiting room specifically for clients who have treatments in the north wing area of the spa. There are also several convenient benches in our lobby, in our upstairs and north wing massage/spa areas, in our main hallways, and even outside (when the weather is nice). These benches are a comfortable way to temporarily wait before or after a treatment or hot tub appointment.

    Q: “I’m pregnant. Can I use the hot tub rooms and/or receive spa treatments?”

    A: Always check with your doctor prior to receiving a body treatment. Hot tub use is strongly discouraged by most physicians. Spa treatments are not available for pregnant guests due to the potential use of aromatherapy oils and other body products. We offer one hour or 90-minute prenatal massages, providing comfort during any stage of your pregnancy. If you are pregnant, be sure to alert staff when booking your appointment so you can be scheduled with a trained prenatal therapist.

    Q: “Can I request to have my massage or spa treatment downstairs?”

    A: Yes. Please let us know if you have any special needs when making a reservation and we will work to accommodate your request(s).

    Q: “I think I left something at the spa. Do you have a lost and found?”

    A: We will make a concerted effort to recover any personal property that was left at the spa and will hold found items for 30 days. However, Watercourse Way is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please be sure you have all of your personal items with you before leaving the spa.


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