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Monthly Archives: November 2019

Where there’s a wick, there’s a way

A chill has entered the autumn air, reminding us Californians of something very familiar to any “Game of Thrones” fan: Winter is coming. Fortunately our Retail Gallery is stocked with an array of elegant and aromatic new candles to help add some warmth to your home. Lodestone Candles from Kent & Co. make tremendous gifts […]

Watercourse Waves: Very Ayurvedic

• Our November spa special is the balancing Ayurvedic Hot Oil treatment, which features a warmed, balancing Dosha oil full body massage, a dry brush body scrub, and a Dosha facial with marma point massage. Enjoy a special weekday price of $136 this month (normal price on weekends). • Also in November get 25% off […]

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