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The benefits of Lavender



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Lavender is a plant instantly recognizable for its purple/blue hue and distinct fragrance. The soft velvety flowers, the aesthetically appealing color and design attracts not only the bees, but people all around the world.

Medicinally, lavender relieves inflammation, burns and even acne. But for those aches and stresses on an internal level, there is nothing that compares to smelling dried lavender in pretty sachets, filling steaming bathtubs with lavender oil, or inhaling a warm cup of lavender-infused tea as you wrap your chilled hands around the warmth. Whether it’s a migraine, a bout of anxiety or even something drastic as feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, there is a small escape to be found in the soothing properties of lavender. When your mind drifts away for even just a second, and when your muscles lose some of that rigidity, you somehow find that one precious moment in your day you can take peace in.

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Lavender neck pillows, spa booties and heat wraps at Watercourse Way

For those looking for that temporary but fragrant escape, come visit our retail area to find the Sonoma Lavender Lilac Dot spa collection. There are the neck pillows (for the neck & shoulders), spa booties (for the feet) and the heat wrap (for the lower back, mid back, shoulders, stomach and knees). You can place it in the microwave to receive the full benefits of heat therapy.

For this month of June, lavender products from 80 Acres are 15% off. We recommend it for pampering yourself this busy month!

– Remi Morita

Watercourse Way staff





Lavender products from 80 Acres

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