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Hot steam, cool waterfall

I have a certain fondness for room Six Dragonflies, partially because my first memories of Watercourse Way are from being photographed in that room with my brother and parents for a newspaper ad in the early 1980s. But there are other reasons – the room is simply beautiful (it has changed quite a bit since that photo shoot) and features some great amenities (wooden hot tub, cold plunge, steam room).

Six Dragonflies waterfall

The new waterfall feature in the steam room in Six Dragonflies

Now I have yet another reason to appreciate Six Dragonflies – a waterfall. A new waterfall feature has been added to the remodeled steam room in Six Dragonflies that offers a soothing rain shower of cold, warm or hot water. Sitting in the steam room while cool water cascades on your head, neck and shoulders is a wonderful feeling that also offers therapeutic benefits.

Alternating hot and cold – such as sitting in the hot tub for a time and then taking a dip in the cold plunge – is excellent for circulation and can help alleviate joint pain and muscle tension. There are also benefits to the immune system and blood pressure. Watercourse Way utilizes hot/cold therapy in several ways, such as the alternating of hot and cold stones in our Hot Stone Massage and the use of cold plunges and cold-water showers in out private hot tub rooms.

And now fans of Six Dragonflies – including yours truly – can enjoy the combination of cool water and hot steam at once thanks to the overhead waterfall. Alternating hot and cold is a great way to heal the body and warm the spirit.


– Tyler Hanley
Watercourse Way staff

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