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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Hot steam, cold plunge

Those seeking a refreshing and therapeutic way to heat up and cool down this summer need look no further than Bats and Dragonflies. Two of Watercourse Way’s eight private hot tub rooms – Six Dragonflies and Nine Bats – feature a steam room and cold plunge in addition to the jacuzzi, shower and resting area. […]

Sun and shield

“Aging of the skin is 20 percent genes and 80 percent lifestyle,” Watercourse Way esthetician Grazyna said. As the scorching summer sun blasts the Bay Area, it is more important than ever to protect your skin. While the sun offers a wealth of health benefits (Vitamin B anyone?), it also provides plenty of dangers, with […]

Canopy: Protecting Palo Alto’s roots

Those familiar with Palo Alto are well aware of the value the city places on its trees. Palo Alto (Spanish for “tall tree”) is named after El Palo Alto, the long-standing redwood near the intersection of Alma Street and El Camino Real. And for nearly 20 years, the non-profit Canopy has sought to protect and […]

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