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Monthly Archives: May 2013

From Japan to Palo Alto


In Japan, each household has an “ofuro” (bath). It is a custom to wash and rinse outside in a shower-like setting and then soak in the bath afterward. Inviting guests to use their bath is a form of hospitality for the Japanese, which might be baffling to some. It may also be hard to believe […]

Q&A with Kiyomi Harper

Kiyomi Harper is one of our most highly requested therapists here at Watercourse Way. Her sincerity and dedication to her clients is evident with every service she provides. We sat down and asked her a bit about her journey into massage therapy and where it has lead. Watercourse Way: Where did your interest in massage […]

There And Back A-Zen: A Hanley’s Tale


A newspaper ad for Watercourse Way from 30-some-odd years ago features a family of four enjoying the spa in room Six Dragonflies — father, mother and twin boys. The boys are me and my brother, smiling, enjoying the moment with our parents. My brother Nathan took his first dip in the cold plunge that day […]

Why the name “Watercourse Way”?

Deep in the Carmel Valley lies Tassajara, a Zen buddhist monastery (part of the San Francisco Zen Center) that opens for guests each year from May through Labor Day. Tassajara has always meant a lot to us. Rolling hills, a stone steam bath, natural hot springs and a river that is the heart of the Tassajara […]

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