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Getting your skin summer ready

80 Acres Verde

Verde salt scrub and body butter from 80 Acres

My favorite spa treatment from our line is the Salt Glow. Mainly because I am obsessed with body scrubs. And also because you leave with your skin positively aglow. This treatment is June’s monthly special, but July’s special will be the Tropical Tranquility, which also includes a body scrub. So both are perfect this season to get your skin summer ready. For we all know that the most important accessory is your natural skin looking and feeling its best.

Finding the right exfoliating experience for yourself:

  • Cloths – Can range anywhere from a soft microfiber cloth to an abrasive towel. Loofahs made out of plastic mesh are generally softer and allow for more lathering action.

WCW recommendation: The Supracor line (bath mitt, facial sponge, body exfoliator) fly off our shelves. You can use it dry or with water. It is made of thermoplastics and always reverts back to its original shape, so has lasting value. It doesn’t absorb water so dries quickly, and is also antifungal and antibacterial.

Scrub brush

Products used for exfoliation

  • Brushes – A dry bristle brush on dry skin can be invigorating. Using one with water and incorporating soap or shower gel creates a softer cleansing experience.
  • Scrubs – Can include sugar or salt crystals, microbeads, seeds, shells, etc. Sugar crystals tend to disintegrate when rubbed onto the skin with water. But seeds, shells or kernels will maintain their form and not lose their exfoliating power.

WCW recommendation: The  is packed with rice bran and bamboo. The “foaming” part of the polish happens with water and creates a lather to simultaneously clean and scrub.

How do you feel about exfoliation and what is your favorite way to slough off and buff away to a more radiant You?

– Remi Morita

Watercourse Way staff


Supracor exfoliating products

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