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From Japan to Palo Alto


Traditional wooden hot tub

In Japan, each household has an “ofuro” (bath). It is a custom to wash and rinse outside in a shower-like setting and then soak in the bath afterward. Inviting guests to use their bath is a form of hospitality for the Japanese, which might be baffling to some. It may also be hard to believe that communal “onsens” (hot springs) where bathing gear is optional are hugely popular. While co-ed bath houses might not be everyone’s idea of a spa getaway, something most people can agree on is the concept of relaxation and privacy.

So where can you find the perfect blend of a zen experience with adequate seclusion? Watercourse Way could be just what you’re looking for.


Sunset Magazine January 2013

There are eight private hot tub rooms. Some rooms have steam, some have sauna and you can even enjoy a smaller tub filled with cold water to alternate between. Although certainly Asian inspired, each room has a unique design, ranging from what clients describe as “Roman” to “Moroccan.”

We were recently listed as one of the Top Ten Day Spas in Sunset Magazine.

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Remi Morita

Watercourse Way staff


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