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There And Back A-Zen: A Hanley’s Tale


Watercourse Way advertisement, circa 1983

A newspaper ad for Watercourse Way from 30-some-odd years ago features a family of four enjoying the spa in room Six Dragonflies — father, mother and twin boys. The boys are me and my brother, smiling, enjoying the moment with our parents. My brother Nathan took his first dip in the cold plunge that day (it took me several more years to gather the courage to test the icy water).

Watercourse Way has been special to my family for the better part of three decades, essentially since its doors first opened in 1980. Both Nathan and I now work at Watercourse in various capacities. We enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and helping clients seek a respite from their busy lives. In walking through the halls now, I still reflect on those early days, when Watercourse Way was younger than we were. And while the business has evolved in a beautiful way, that zen spirit is still here. In fact, it has only grown stronger.

Many of you reading this know about stress and tension only too well. You feel it at work, at home, in the car. If you have the will to relax, we will show you the Way. It lives at 165 Channing Avenue, where bamboo sentinels cast a cool shadow on the sidewalk. My brother and I are proud to be a part of the Watercourse family, and when you come to visit, we would love to help make your experience the very best it can be. Just look for the smiling twins.

– Tyler Hanley
Watercourse Way staff

3 Responses

  1. William says:

    Amazing. Those twins became special men.

  2. Nicole (Marcell) Robison says:

    I enjoyed Watercourse Way for many years, especially since my good friends (the Hanley brothers) were employed there. It was where I would spend my Friday nights and I always left feeling more refreshed and grounded. Having employees like Nathan and Tyler working there, with the obvious passion that they show during every customer interaction, just makes one’s visit that much better. There is a room to suit everyone’s preferences and my favorite fluctuated between Four Water Ouzels and Six Dragonflies, depending on my state of mind. I have referred countless friends and family to Watercourse Way, and when I fly home to the Bay Area in the beginning of August, (God willing) I will make it in for a quick plunge.

    • Lynn Voccola says:

      Watercourse Way is my own personal sanctuary and The Hanley Men are my very own sentinels and guardians of my sanity and serenity. Both brothers, along with the rest of their gracious and caring staff, make my time at Watercourse a divine escape to paradise. One friend prefers the gentle rhythms of Room Four – Four Water Ouzels; another Room Six – Six Dragonflies. For me, it matters not. I will take whatever room I can get, whenever I can get it, and be very happy, indeed!

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