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Q&A with Kiyomi Harper

Kiyomi Harper

Kiyomi Harper

Kiyomi Harper is one of our most highly requested therapists here at Watercourse Way. Her sincerity and dedication to her clients is evident with every service she provides. We sat down and asked her a bit about her journey into massage therapy and where it has lead.

Watercourse Way: Where did your interest in massage come from?

Kiyomi: In the Japanese tradition, it is a part of daily life. From a young age, I can remember massaging family members — more shiatsu style, over clothes and targeting pressure points.

WCW: How has your view on massage changed since you started your professional career?

K: I like it even more! I really care about people. And I have learned over the years how to better care for myself in order to keep strong and keep my stamina up. I have, also, gone through spa training as well as some esthetician training.

WCW: And how do you like working here at Watercourse Way?

K: I love it! It is well organized, with good reception and a great cleaning crew; they keep it up to the standard of expectations. It is like being in a vacation setting so clients feel relaxed right away by the ambiance and the environment.


School: Body Therapy Center, Palo Alto, Calif.

Years of Professional work: 12

Years at Watercourse Way: 9

Specializing in firm relaxing massage, Kiyomi can also perform: Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Acupressure, Hot Stone Massage and Spa Treatments

Kiyomi’s interest in massage began at a very young age. Growing up in Japan, massage is traditional and integrated into daily life. Upon discovering it was something she not only enjoyed but could make a living at, she studied and received her certification at Body Therapy Center. She has now been a professional massage therapist for more than 12 years, nine of which she has kindly shared with us here at Watercourse Way. She has proven to be a very dedicated and sincere therapist, winning over many repeat clients in that time. She enjoys massage and likes it even more than when she started; taking time to maintain an awareness of her self and her health to be able to stay strong and keep up her stamina. Kiyomi’s knowledge over the years has expanded to include spa treatments as well, allowing her to provide a broader spectrum of services to her clientele. And we, for one, are grateful! Not only to have her with us on a regular basis, but to have her representing us as a kind and knowledgeable therapist whose main goal is providing clients with a relaxing and individually catered spa experience.

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  1. I have been a client of Kiyomi-san for the entire twelve years of her career. I have gotten massages from many massage therapists over many years and Kiyomi is the best. She is sweet and caring and gives great massages.

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