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Sun and shield


Use of good sunscreen can not only shield you from harmful rays, but it can drastically reduce inflammation and slow the skin’s aging process

“Aging of the skin is 20 percent genes and 80 percent lifestyle,” Watercourse Way esthetician Grazyna said.

As the scorching summer sun blasts the Bay Area, it is more important than ever to protect your skin.

While the sun offers a wealth of health benefits (Vitamin B anyone?), it also provides plenty of dangers, with the risk of skin cancer atop that list. Use of good sunscreen can not only shield you from harmful rays, but it can drastically reduce inflammation and slow the skin’s aging process.

Watercourse Way carries a wealth of beneficial products for the skin from the best in the business – Eminence, Epicuren and Cosmedix. Here are some of Grazyna’s sun-protection suggestions that will enrich and protect your skin, with descriptions from the company websites.

Cosmedix Reflect (SPF 30) – “Reflect offers broad spectrum SPF 30 protection in a non-irritating, oil-free formula. Combining micronized titanium dioxide—nature’s own sunscreen—with two skin-specific antioxidants, Reflect provides lightweight UV protection.”

Eminence Bright Skin Moisturizer (SPF 30) – “Eminence Bright Skin Moisturizer SPF 30 is a rich and nourishing moisturizer with SPF 30 for uneven complexions. Natural Hydroquinone Alternative and Gigawhite help brighten skin, reduce the appearance of dark spots and the signs of aging.”

Epicuren Zinc Oxide Perfecting Sunscreen (SPF 27) – “A whipped, antioxidant-rich sunscreen that naturally protects your skin from UV-related damage, including premature aging and hyperpigmentation. This transparent, all zinc protection helps to lightly hydrate, reduce the appearance of dark spots, visibly even skin tone, and perfect your skin’s overall look.”

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