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Hot steam, cold plunge

cold plunge

The cold plunge in room Nine Bats

Those seeking a refreshing and therapeutic way to heat up and cool down this summer need look no further than Bats and Dragonflies.

Two of Watercourse Way’s eight private hot tub rooms – Six Dragonflies and Nine Bats – feature a steam room and cold plunge in addition to the jacuzzi, shower and resting area. Spend some time in the steam room and then follow with a dip in the cold plunge for the perfect balance of detoxification and invigoration.

In addition, Six Dragonflies features a skylight above the hot tub and gorgeous lion-head fountain, while Nine Bats boasts a star dome above the tub and intricate glass mural. Using the cold plunge can benefit the circulatory and immune systems, while use of a steam room is a fantastic way to detoxify.

A visit to Watercourse is a great way to chill out.

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  1. Terry K says:


    With these Promo .. What are the prices for them ?
    Please provide and is there any couples special


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