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Winter is going — time to re-hydrate

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While it always seems as though “winter is coming” in the fictional world of Westeros, here in the Bay Area winter is making its exit as spring dawns. But it feels as though spring is already here, as many plants (and allergies) are already in bloom.


Yu-Be lotions and creams are fantastic ways to re-hydrate the skin.

The chilly and damp winter weather takes its toll on the skin, but there are plenty of ways to re-hydrate before spring officially seizes the calendar on March 20. Drinking plenty of water is one sur-fire way to keep your skin hydrated, which you can tote in a handy S’Well Bottle. Another is to use hydrating lotions and oils. Here at Watercourse Way, we carry an array of such products.

Try the Moisturizing Skin Cream or Foaming Skin Polish from Yu-Be, an award-winning skin-care line that originated in Japan in 1957. Jao Brand’s popular Goe Oil (all over body oil) – made with natural products and top-notch ingredients – is another great way to nourish the skin. We have everything your skin needs to satisfy that post-winter thirst.

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