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Spirit & Earth

Earth Day will be celebrated on Tuesday, April 22

While the mantra that “every day is Earth Day” holds true to us here at Watercourse Way and throughout much of the Bay Area, the holiday will officially be recognized on Tuesday, April 22. Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 and serves as a way to support and encourage environmental awareness and Earth-friendly habits.

At Watercourse we continue our efforts to support green-business practices that benefit the environment as well as our clients. Our beverage cups are completely compostable, we use hand cloths in our restrooms as opposed to paper towels, and most of our facial and spa treatments feature all organic products (such as the Eminence Organic Facial and Five Elements spa treatment). And, naturally, we recycle.

April is an ideal month for renewal and honoring the Earth, with Easter being celebrated on April 20 and Earth Day on April 22. Which is also one of the reasons April is the perfect time for our 90-minute Hot Stone massage, a treatment rooted in ancient Native-American and Egyptian history. Hot Stone massage was revived in the mid-1990s by massage therapist Mary Nelson, who developed LaStone Therapy.

Hot Stone massage utilizes heated, igneous basalt stones and cool marble stones. The basalt stones uses in our Hot Stone massage “are composed of many kinds of minerals that have been melted down together deep within the depths of the Earth and subsequently flowed as lava into streams or rivers and thereby shaped by the moving water into smooth stones.” These stones originate from the heart of our planet and are molded by the Earth itself. LaStone International takes it one step further by stating that hot-stone therapy “balances and recharges our souls with Mother Earth and Father Sky as we each perceive their wonder.”

With Earth Day on the horizon, there is no better time to balance body and spirit, celebrate our orbiting globe, and support environmental awareness. Visit for more on Earth Day and ways you can help.

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