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Spa-themed amusement park planned in Japan

Perhaps taking a cue from the 2010 John Cusack comedy “Hot Tub Time Machine,” Japan’s Beppu City is planning to open the world’s first spa-themed amusement park (or “Spamusement Park”) in the summer of 2017.

According to an article in Travel + Leisure, the unique theme park, Yuenchi, was initially teased by Beppu City in a short video posted online. The video shows park-goers riding a hot tub roller coaster and playing carnival games in a steam room, among other spa-like attractions.

After the video reached one million views, Beppu City Mayor Yasuhiro Nagano confirmed that construction would begin on the park once the necessary funds were raised. The Travel + Leisure article states that the city has already launched a crowdfunding campaign on Campfire, Japan’s answer to Kickstarter. A quick search on Campfire indicates that the campaign has already raised about 3.8 million yen, or 38 percent of the target amount of 10 million yen.

Beppu City hopes to open the park in late July.

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