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Seeing the forest for the trees

Here at Watercourse Way we are proud to care Eminence skin-care products. Eminence is an all-natural organic product line from Hungary that is extremely popular among estheticians and clients alike.trees

Aside from helping benefit and beautify the skin, Eminence does the same for the planet itself by committing to plant a tree for every product sold. And since Watercourse Way started carrying Eminence products 14 years ago, Eminence has planted more than 6,000 trees thanks to products sold here at the spa.

“Thank you for your ongoing support and loyalty,” Eminence President Boldijarre Koronczay wrote in a letter to Watercourse Way. “Millions of trees have been planted through our Forests for the Future initiative, where we plant a tree for every product sold. We are honored to work with you and look forward to another successful year together.”

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