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Riekes Center emphasizes respect, opportunity and potential

Officially launched in 1996 by Stanford graduate Gary Riekes, the Riekes Center in Menlo Park has made it a mission to “provide each student with the best possible opportunity to define and accomplish individual goals, build character and learn transferable life skills through Creative Arts, Athletic Fitness and Nature Awareness, in an environment of non-judgment and mutual respect.”

“We provide these opportunities regardless of the student’s
ability to pay, or ability to perform,” the organization’s website states.
“Each person’s uniqueness and potential is celebrated.”

The Riekes Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and offers an
array of programs. The Center’s Athletic Fitness programs “build strength,
speed, flexibility and endurance, while preventing injury” and “are
individually tailored to meet each student’s needs and goals, in an atmosphere
where all students, goals and interests are equally important.”

The Riekes Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Menlo Park, Calif.

The Center’s Nature Department offers students
“nature-immersion opportunities that focus on fun, adventure and lifelong
learning,” the website states. The nature programs are robust and immersive,
“whether you want to backpack in the desert of Death Valley, learn about the
Pacific Ocean, study the natural history of California, track weasels along a
river bank, make fire by rubbing two sticks together, teach your classroom more
about their school’s ‘back yard’ or enrich your personal nature hikes.”

Creative Arts programs also abound at the Riekes Center, as
the organization strives to help students “explore an interest or pursue a
passion in any of the expressive arts. Whether you want to make a short film,
be the next Ansel Adams or Jimi Hendrix, paint a portrait of your family, create
a blog, play the boogie woogie on the piano, dance like no one’s watching, make
beats, sing to the moon and back, you name it, the possibilities are endless.”

The Riekes Center is noble in its mission and efforts. “At
the Riekes Center, all students, all goals, and all interests are equally
important. It’s a place where real world diversity thrives and empathy is
encouraged. The Core Values of Self Supervision, Honest Communication and Sensitivity
to Others are the Center’s operational and social standards.”

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