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Retail spotlight: elizabethW

elizabethW products are available at Watercourse Way

At the Watercourse Way retail gallery, we are proud to carry the elegant and aromatic products of Bay Area-based perfumery elizabethW. The company was founded by architect Albert Nichols in 1995 and named for his great grandmother, whose ranch in the Sierra Nevadas was a bastion of fragrance and independence.

“Scent is a potent reminder of our past,” Nichols states on the elizabethW website. “My strongest memories are the scents of summer as a kid on Elizabeth’s ranch. Violets, roses, lilacs, and magnolias surrounded the house, while inside, the kitchen was filled with freshly picked lavender, rosemary, and sage. Fragrance enveloped me and became my fascination.”

Among the tantalizing elizabethW products available at Watercourse Way are the Lavender Shower Pouch; Magnolia, Te and Vetiver soaps, exfoliating pouches and “weekend sets”; and Natural Linen Sleeps Masks – Watercourse Way bestsellers. Swing by our retail gallery for a better sense of elizabethW scents.

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