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Retail spotlight: Creative time

Haoshi Design’s Goldfish clock (top) and Swallow clock.

From sundials to grandfather clocks to the Apple iWatch, telling time has evolved over the years. And with a milieu of time-telling devices available to the public, Watercourse Way is proud to carry a handful of stunningly creative clocks from Haoshi Design.

Haoshi Design was established in 2009 in hopes of reminding people to appreciate the “good things” in daily life. Haoshi uses exquisite technical art in all of its uniquely designed products.

“We add a kind of purity and peace into our design concept,” the company states.

Watercourse is currently carrying several of Haoshi’s beautiful clocks, including the Swallow Clock and the Goldfish Clock. These breathtaking pieces are sure to enrich your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or anywhere you choose to display them. Haoshi Design clocks add an artistic element to time management.

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