Q&A with Yoshikawa

The majestic stone waterfall in our spa lobby speaks volumes in its quiet elegance. Despite the towering shape, it seamlessly blends into the overall Zen ambiance. Recently we got in touch with the artist who designed and created the piece.

Yoshikawa sculpture

Outdoor sculpture by Yoshikawa

Watercourse Way: How and when did you start carving stone?

Yoshikawa: Since childhood, I have been very fluid with drawing and painting. While at university, I was desiring a degree to teach, so I had to take a mandatory class on sculpture. At the end of the semester, I wanted to translate my ceramic creations into stone. As chance would have it, my professor was adept at stone carving and so he taught me the fundamentals. After university, I further honed my skills by working in a stone quarry in Japan.

WCW: What part of the installation process for the waterfall stood out to you?

Yoshikawa: The whole process for the installation was very dramatic! Since the Watercourse Way building is historic, the door opening could not be altered. A forklift was ordered that would clear the door, yet be strong enough to lift several tons. As we drove through the door, the stone cleared but the forklift stalled. Not to be deterred, a truck was utilized to push the forklift through. Inside the lobby, the drama continued as we hoisted the water sculpture into its exact location.

Yoshikawa bench

Stone bench designed by Yoshikawa

WCW: How was the experience of working at Watercourse Way?

Yoshikawa: It was a delight and a pleasure to work with John and Susan and to be part of their vision. The aesthetic environment that was created speaks for itself. Once you enter the doors, you’re on a different wavelength.


More information about Yoshikawa’a work can be found at www.yoshistone.com.


Yoshikawa waterfall

Stone waterfall by Yoshikawa

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