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Q&A with Inna Safra

Inna Safra

Inna Safra

Inna Safra is our most senior esthetician here at Watercourse Way, having been with us for the last 18 years. She hails from Ukraine and has found her life’s calling in skin care. Here she finds her enjoyment in the satisfaction of perfect results for her many happy, and loyal, clients. Encompassing knowledge of all of our skin care lines, and with a serious background in clinical cosmetology, she takes the time to personalize each treatment and find out what will work best for each individual.

Watercourse Way: Where did your interest in skincare come from?

Inna: I was always interested, but in the USSR you couldn’t take classes without having a medical school background. So when I came to the United States I took advantage of the opportunity to learn. I enjoy the communication with people and seeing the results on their happy faces.

WCW: How has your view on skin care changed since you started your professional career?

Inna: I still like it very much and enjoy learning more about it. There have been so many new findings and changes; ingredients, quality, new lines of product, equipment. All the new technology – like microdermabrasion – is great in getting more, and better, results.

WCW: And how do you like working here at Watercourse Way?

Inna: It’s great; I like everything! Otherwise I wouldn’t be here after 18 years. Great owners, clientele, and product lines that really work and allow me to do great things!

WCW: What is your #1 piece of skin care advice?

Inna: Environmental protection. Always remember sunscreen. And reapply! People are always telling me that they put it on in the morning, but I say what about two hours later? You must reapply!


School: Miss Martha’s in San Francisco and private training

Years of Professional work: 20

Years at Watercourse Way: 18

Specializing in a thorough knowledge of skin care – facials, waxing, luxurious foot treatments.

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