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Protecting your skin throughout the year

Skin-care company Colorescience offers an array of products to both beautify and protect

Skin-care company Colorescience offers an array of products to both beautify and protect. Image courtesy of Colorscience (

Despite the chilly weather and periodic rain, it is as important as ever to protect your skin from the sun. Sun protection is a year-round affair, and Watercourse Way carries several fantastic skin-care lines that will help you do just that. A recent article in the Denver Post underscored the importance of year-round sun protection.

“Although most people understand the sun’s rays can lead to skin cancer – especially melanoma, its most dangerous form – a new survey by the nonprofit Melanoma Foundation of New England suggests people throughout the country abandon a basic form of skin protection once the leaves start to turn in the fall,” according to Tom McGhee, the article’s author.

McGhee goes on to explain that the “survey of 1,016 adults found that 39 percent of respondents always applied sunscreen in the summer. But the overall percentage of people who report always using sunscreen year-round is only 6 percent.”

Colorscience – one of the respected skin-care lines available at Watercourse Way – “provides innovative solutions to the daily sun protection movement,” according to Teri Westover of Colorscience. Westover touts the value of the Denver Post article, stating that McGhee’s report “gives a clearer picture of just how important sunscreen is to the health of our skin regardless of the season.”

So don’t let cool temperatures or dark rain clouds deter you from protecting your skin. Rain or shine, you can stop by Watercourse Way any time and see what sun-protection products are available and right for you.

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