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One room to rule them all

One Pine

One Pine

Watercourse Way has eight private hot tub rooms, but there is only one One Pine. The peaceful room is my personal favorite (though Six Dragonflies across the hall is a close second), with its large wooden hot tub, spacious sauna and invigorating cold plunge.


The amenities are wonderful in One Pine, but I’ve always marveled at the incredible artistry that went into the room as well. The sauna, on the right as you enter, features a beautiful glass-and-wood door and includes a curved glass panel. The glass work was done by artist Bill Empy of Emp’s Graphic Eye (you can spot other contributions from Empy throughout the building, such as the manta ray design in room Nine Bats).


The earth-toned slate tiles that adorn the room are also stunning. A variety of textured tiles surround the hot tub and cold plunge, and the skylight vault is set with individual glass mosaics. The tiles are from Pat McIntosh of Walker Zanger. An alabaster Buddha sits beside the cold plunge, tying the room together with pure zenergy.


One Pine skylight

One Pine (skylight)

In a city dubbed Palo Alto (“tall tree”), it’s fitting that one of Watercourse Way’s private hot tub rooms shares a similar moniker. If you haven’t had the chance to visit One Pine yourself, give it a try. It’s one to remember.


– Tyler Hanley
Watercourse Way staff

5 Responses

  1. Geumnari says:

    After trying all rooms, One Pine is also my favorite. Eight Stars coming in at second. Six Dragonflies great for a small group/party. Thank you for your review, Ty!

  2. Wondering if couples are allowed in together? Costs per rental? Looking for anniversary present.

  3. Ambershawn says:

    My husband and I spent a lovely morning in One Pine recently – it is just as beautiful as you describe! We couldn’t get over the quality construction of the tubs and spent a large part of our time wondering what kind of wood they were made out of. They seemed thicker than other wooden tubs we’ve been in, and showed very little wear. Can you help solve our mystery?
    We are looking forward to our next visit!

    • Tyler Hanley says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed room One Pine so much! I will ask our owners what type of wood the tubs are constructed of, although I’m fairly certain they’re teak (I’ll check with them and comment back). Thank you for commenting and for visiting Watercourse Way! I’m glad you had such a great experience and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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