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On display: ‘Persona’ by Deborah Bridges

Deborah Bridges Buddha-head sculptures are on display at Watercourse Way.

Award-winning artist Deborah Bridges brings her unique works to Watercourse Way with an exhibit currently on display at the spa. You can spot Bridges’ figurative sculptures and encaustic paintings throughout the lobby, including the Buddha-head sculptures on display behind the front desk. Bridges’ sculptures and paintings are available for sale.

Bridges is a Northern California native whose education began in a studio specializing in monumental scale bronze sculpture. After establishing a career in classical bronze figuration, Bridges developed a line of garden sculpture that is being carried in galleries nationwide. Currently she is creating ceramic figurative sculpture, teaching advanced sculpture, and running an artist studio.

“My encaustic paintings are an extension of working with clay, both being sculptural, and still intending to capture an atmospheric quality of ease, serenity, and spaciousness,” Bridges said. Bridges described encaustic work as “beeswax, tree resin and pure pigment, painted in a hot melted state.” “The techniques are ancient and the tools and materials have been used for centuries,” she said.

To learn more about Deborah Bridges and her work, visit Speak to a member of our front desk staff if you are interested in purchasing one of Bridges’ sculptures or paintings.

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