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Non-profit spotlight: The Milo Foundation

When Lynne Tingle discovered that her Australian Shepherd
puppy, Milo, was blind and deaf, she was determined to give him a good life.
Tingle developed a series of taps to communicate with Milo, which proved to be
a learning process for both that evolved into an unbreakable bond.

“Given a chance to live, Milo became a cherished, much-loved dog. The experience with Milo led Lynne to learn about other animals who needed a chance – abandoned and stray dogs and cats who fill city shelters – which led to the founding of The Milo Foundation in August of 1994,” the foundation’s website states.

Flash forward 25 years. The Milo Foundation is now an
established 501(c)(3) non-profit, no-kill organization that provides “an alternative
for homeless pets throughout California, and occasionally beyond.”

“In addition to community education, volunteer opportunities
and adoption services, Milo provides sanctuary for animals needing more time
and space to have a quality of life until the special homes they need can be
found,” according to the website.

The Milo Sanctuary sits on 283 acres in Mendocino County and
houses primarily dogs and cats, though also cares for horses (thanks in part to
the Milo Horse Rescue Program), goats, donkeys, pigs and fowl.

“Milo has ample volunteer and fostering opportunities in the
Bay Area, including those for skilled horse people at (the) Sanctuary. There
are also extensive outreach activities, such as regular Mobile Adoptions in
Marin, occasionally in San Francisco and in East Bay locations, where people
can meet and greet a select group of adoptable animals, many of whom are cared
for in Milo foster homes.”

Milo saves and adopts out more than 2,000 animals each year. Thanks to generous donations from the public, Milo is able to focus on its primary mission: “To rescue adoptable at-risk animals, match them to homes best suited to provide lifetime care, rehabilitate those who need it, offer sanctuary to those who are not placed, and educate the public about responsible pet guardianship, including spay/neuter.”

Learn more about The Milo Foundation or donate now.

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