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New waiting room features ‘Water Temple’ sculpture, Himalayan salt wall

Even waiting can be relaxing at Watercourse Way. This month we opened a new waiting room in the north wing area of the spa, specifically for clients who have massage or spa treatments scheduled downstairs. “Water Temple,” a stunning new sculpture from award-winning artist Yoshikawa, highlights the entryway to the new room. The room itself boasts comfortable seating, ice water and hot tea, hand-carved art by Joseph Graci and an 8-foot Himalayan salt wall.

Our new waiting room features an 8-foot Himalayan salt wall

Gently heated, Himalayan salt serves as a natural ionizer
due to the salt’s hygroscopic properties. The Himalayan salt crystals attract
moisture on the salt block surface, emitting negative ions as the moisture
evaporates. These ions serve to purify the circulating air.

The natural environment creates abundant negative ions but
computers, smartphones, microwaves and other electronic devices constantly emit
positive ions, also known as “electric smog,” that can make people feel drained
and depressed. Excessive positive ions can also come from bacteria, mold and

To counteract those excessive positive ions, Himalayan salt – rich in negative ions and essential nutrients and minerals – offer a wealth of health benefits, such as stress reduction, increased energy, and boosted moods at a biochemical level.

Our new waiting room offers a peaceful respite where you can sip tea or water and soak up negative ions as you await your massage or spa treatment. Waiting just got a little healthier.

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