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Master of stone

Watercourse Way is graced with several beautiful stone sculptures courtesy of Los Angeles-based master sculptor Yoshikawa. You can find Yoshikawa’s work in the stone fountain hugging a Japanese maple outside our entrance; in the water wall and bench that adorn our lobby; and in the towering water sculpture in our parking lot.

Yoshikawa discovered his passion for carving stone at the University of Colorado. “As chance would have it, my professor was adept at stone carving and so he taught me the fundamentals,” Yoshikawa said. In the years that followed, he further honed his craft by working in the stone quarries in Japan.

After receiving his first commission to create a water feature, Yoshikawa became intrigued with what a waterfall/fountain would look and sound like from the viewpoint of a stone sculptor. Twenty years later, he is still contemplating the nature of stone and water. Yoshikawa has received numerous national sculpture awards. He said he was excited to contribute to the atmosphere of Watercourse Way.

“It was a delight and a pleasure to work with (the owners) and to be part of their vision. The aesthetic environment that was created speaks for itself. Once you enter the doors, you’re on a different wavelength,” he said.

For more information about Yoshikawa’s work, including an extended gallery, visit

Master of stone

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