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Lynn Boggess: Painting Exhibition

For more than 25 years, Watercourse Way Bath House Spa has provided its clients a serene, private experience like no other. Now Watercourse Way in collaboration with EVOKE Contemporary from Santa Fe, New Mexico, brings a visual treat to your spa experience. Beginning April 4, Watercourse Way will transform into an exhibition space showcasing the renowned artists of EVOKE Contemporary. Provocative and compelling artwork by a diverse selection of internationally recognized contemporary artists will be on display at the award-winning spa. The exhibitions will change quarterly and the artwork will be available for purchase at the closing of each exhibit.

The premiere event features the paintings of Lynn Boggess. With masterful use of line, palette and texture, Boggess transports the viewer into his richly verdant and luscious landscapes, where these works were conceived. Boggess has been described as a “visual narrator of beauty wrapped in innovation and intrigue,” and his works appeal to a broad spectrum of viewers.


6 June 2016_Oil on Canvas_46x40_12.5k

Lynn Boggess, 6 June oil on canvas, 46” x 40”. Photo courtesy EVOKE Contemporary.

08 September 2010_Oil on Canvas_46x40_12.5K

Lynn Boggess, 8 September oil on canvas, 46” x 40”. Photo courtesy EVOKE Contemporary.

Lynn Boggess: Painting Exhibition opens April 4 with a reception from 5 to 7 p.m. at Watercourse Way Bath House Spa, 165 Channing Ave., Palo Alto, CA. The exhibit will continue through July 3.

Lynn Boggess presents an untouched vision of nature that transports the viewer to the reflective and pure environment in which his landscapes are created. By means of plein-air techniques and the use of cement trowels as brushes, an innovative approach to oil paint is realized, resulting in works that are simultaneously dynamic and soothing. These landscapes overwhelm senses with lush and vivid scenes while also allowing room for meditation on the deeper relations between human life and the natural world.

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