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Here at Watercourse Way, we pride ourselves on offering the best skin care services and products available. Your glow is our goal. We hire and retain top estheticians who bring years of knowledge, experience and guidance to our skin-care department. Several of our facial services include the use of LED (light emitting diode) lights, including the Five Layer Organic facial, the Blueberry Bliss facial and the popular Microdermabrasion facial. The use of LED lights can also be added to any other facial. The skin-care benefits of LED lights are wide-ranging, as they are good for acne, rosacea, sensitive skin, aging skin, hyperpigmentation and inflammation. LED lights also assist in cellular regeneration and help boost collagen.ZJ4N0163

There are four different types of LED lights utilized in facial treatments – red, yellow, green and blue. Seattle-based skin care supplier Bio-Therapeutic breaks down the benefits of each option: “Red light is used in age management, as it improves lymph and blood circulation and increases collagen and clastin production. Yellow light improves skin tone and texture and calms irritated and erythema (redness) skin. Green light lessens hyperpigmentation. Using blue light on clients with acne helps reduce lesions, kills bacteria, and slows sebaceous activity in oiler skin types. Blue and green light help reduce rosacea flare-ups.”

Watercourse Way and our top-notch estheticians can shed a light on whatever skin-care issues you might be facing and help get you back on the road to healthy, beautiful skin.

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