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Light on the Salt

Customers will often pause to enjoy the soothing light emitted by the Himalayan and White Globe Salt lamps in our Retail Gallery. These lamps, produced by Nature’s Artifacts, serve up a tranquil glow that has both health and environmental benefits. 

“A Salt Crystal lamp in your vicinity will help your wellness and keep the air around you clean, ionized naturally and beautifully. In smoky areas these lamps will clear away lingering smells,” Nature’s Artifacts states on its website.

“A lamp at work can improve your connection and refresh you by releasing negative ions. Place a salt crystal lamp near your computer to reduce fatigue and electromagnetic pollution created by office equipment.”

Here at Watercourse Way we carry an array of Nature’s Artifacts salt lamps, including mini Salt Crystal and Moon Crystal lamps that plug into a computer, TV set, etc. using a USB port. We also carry larger Salt Crystal and White Globe Salt lamps, which are “ethically harvested from the geological range of the Himalayan mountains” and “handcrafted with care, resulting in (their) unique and beautiful form.”

Swing by our Retail Gallery for a look at all of our Nature’s Artifacts offerings.


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