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Lessons on ‘How to Let Go at the End of the Workday’

An article in the Harvard Business Review by author Deborah Bright examined ways people can detach from work at the end of the day so they don’t carry that stress home. 

“According to a seven-year study on workers’ performance, an inability to make (the) break between professional and personal time ranked among the top-10 stressful situations that people were least effective at handling,” Bright writes. “Technology has, of course, exacerbated the problem, offering both convenience and imposition, by putting our workplaces just a touch screen away. How can we all do a better job of leaving work at work, so our home lives become more pleasurable and less stressful?”

Bright lays out a five-step strategy to help make a “clean break” between work and home. Among the steps listed by Bright are to “Do one more small task” before leaving the office (“This way you end your day on a positive note of completion”); “Write a to-do list” (“Among the top three most effective skills for enhancing work performance and positively redirecting stress”) and “Straighten up your work area” (“There may be some truth to the idea that having a tidy desk equates to having a fresh mind”).

Read the article.

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