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Kara: Support for the grieving

Grief is an issue many of us have dealt with, especially when it comes to the death or suffering of a loved one. Fortunately Palo Alto-based organization Kara is available to help grieving children, teens, adults and families.Kara

“Guided by empathy, Kara serves the grieving in our community with compassion and care,” the organization states on its website. For 40 years Kara has strived to help people of all ages and backgrounds cope with grief. “Our vision is to empower all age groups to integrate grief into their lives and move toward renewed hope and meaning.”

Kara provides support for children and teens, adults, families, schools, organizations, caregivers and first responders. It also provides helpful resources, such as articles on grief and loss; selected books on bereavement; and links to an array of grief, loss and resilience-related websites and support organizations.

Grief is an issue many of us have dealt with – but Kara demonstrates that you do not have to do it on your own. Donate now.

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