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Hot take: Sauna use brings health benefits lists seven ‘surprising health benefits of using a sauna’

Here at Watercourse Way, we’re happy when you’re in hot water. Or, in a hot sauna. There are a wealth of health and relaxation benefits associated with using hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms and cold plunges. recently published “7 Surprising Health Benefits of Using a Sauna,” which highlights some of the health perks.

The sauna in room One Pine

First on the list is that “saunas provide a workout.” “No,
seriously,” the article states. “Researchers in Germany found that a 25-minute
sauna session is just as tiring as a moderate workout,” with results similar to
those who rode a stationary bike at moderate intensity. “Essentially, the heat
puts a bit of stress on your heart the same way that exercise does.”

Saunas are also good for your mental health, the article
states. “A sauna session can result in both body and mind relaxation. ‘Our
studies also suggest a strong inverse association between frequent sauna bathing
and the future risk of psychotic disorders,’” Finnish professor Jari A.
Laukkanen states in the article.

Among the other benefits listed in the article are that saunas
“help keep blood pressure in check,” “boost your immune system,” “improve heart
function” and “lower your risk of stroke.”

Read the article.

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