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Hearts and threads

Recent visitors to Watercourse Way have paused after entering our lobby to examine a large art display that hugs the northern wall. The exhibit features a cornucopia of pink and red fabric hearts strung together in tall rows. These vibrant fabric hearts, each unique and hand-stitched, are “inspired by the religious folk charms sold outside the Basilica de la Soledad in Oaxaca,” according to a press release about the project.

“Dosa’s corazon milagro project started with the help of Trine Ellitsgaard as a multi-focused endeavor: to provide local women employment while also finding a creative use for the smallest fabric scraps generated from Dosa’s production,” the release states, “Each heart is hand-stitched, stuffed and beaded by a small group of women in the town of Ejutla de Crespo.”

For clothing company Dosa, the corazon milagro project is a win-win.

“This project is both a means of employment for local Oaxacan women and a creative way for us to repurpose the smallest of colorful scraps from Dosa clothing production,” the company states on its website. “As of 2015, over 103,000 hearts have been individually made, all by hand, using more than 515 pounds of Dosa scraps.”

Swing by our lobby and see Watercourse Way’s latest art installation firsthand.

2 Responses

  1. Julia Yao says:

    We love how warm/hot the spa is. However, we wish there were windows letting outside cold and fresh air in. The spa room is very stuffy. We went there a few times, and we could not stay in the water or the room the whole time.

  2. Susan Lee says:

    Beautiful exhibit! Caught my eye right away. Reading about the origins of these hearts shows that there is a mindfulness and appreciation for one’s humanity to others. Thank you!

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