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Green Spa Network launches Tree Planting Initiative

A troubling United Nations report on climate change issued earlier this month warned of devastating consequences to the planet by 2040 if greenhouse-gas emissions are not curtailed. Groups such as the Green Spa Network (GSN) are taking action now to help combat climate change. 

GSN launched a Tree Planting Initiative with the goal of planting 1 million trees by April 2019. The number currently stands at 42,332 and climbing.

“Green Spa Network’s inaugural Action Initiative is premised on the critical and urgent need to regenerate the earth using trees’ natural abilities to reverse climate change,” GSN stated on its website. “Unfortunately, resources have been exploited to such an extent that it’s now imperative that we regenerate the earth by not only stopping climate change with sustainability measures, but actively reversing it to keep the planet healthy and habitable for all life. Regenerating the forests is critical to saving the planet.”

Learn more about the GSN Tree Planting Initiative or donate now.

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