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A good day for green tea


Ginger Peach Green Tea from Republic of Tea

March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day, a traditional Irish holiday that is celebrated around the world. Green is the color of the day, and if you’re not wearing any, you risk a pinch (at least, that’s how it went in middle school). Then again, you can always drink your green in the form of green tea.

Though rooted in the Orient, green tea has become chic in the United States. “The tea leaves are heated or steamed right after harvest, preserving their all-natural flavor and resulting in a nourishing beverage containing antioxidants,” The Republic of Tea states on its website. “With about half the caffeine of black tea, green tea offers health advantages in every single cup.”

Here at Watercourse Way we serve Ginger Peach Green Tea from Republic of Tea, a popular and aromatic blend that will relax you with the first scent. So, no matter how you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, you can sip your green, even if you’re not wearing any.

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