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For the love of lavender

Watercourse Way carries an array of Matanzas Creek products.

Approximately 90 miles north of Palo Alto, on the outskirts of Annadel State Park, sits Matanzas Creek Winery. The winery, which opened in 1977, is celebrated for its Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot offerings. But Matanzas Creek also boasts breathtaking lavender gardens, which were planted in 1991 and flourish today.

“(The gardens) are farmed to preserve the essence of the local ecosystem,” according to the Matanzas Creek website. “Once the lavender reaches full bloom, it is hand-cut and the entire plant is utilized in the production of our bath, body and home products.”

Matanzas Creek does not disappoint with its array of lavender-infused offerings, many of which you can find here at Watercourse Way. From lavender essential oil to shower gel and bubble bath, body butter and “spa spritz,” Matanzas Creek creates a smorgasbord of goodies using the dynamic purple plant.

Swing by our Retail Gallery for a peek at some of Matanzas Creek’s aromatic products. To learn more about the winery or to plan a visit, go to

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  1. Nisey Denise says:

    For the love of lavender…every since being introduced thru aromatherapy to help manage symptoms of chemo and stress management .

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