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Deposit policy for first-time Hot Tub reservations

One Pine

We have recently elected to reestablish a longtime Watercourse Way policy of charging a one-person deposit for first-time Hot Tub room guests. This policy was in effect for 30 years, since we opened in 1980, but had been placed on hold for the past five years in the hope that it was no longer necessary. Unfortunately, we have been forced to restart the policy in direct response to a disregard of our 12-hour cancellation period, invalid or fraudulent credit card use, and other factors.

First-time Hot Tub guests will be asked to provide contact information and a current credit card to hold a reservation. The credit card provided will then be charged the cost of one person in the room for the time allotted – often only $25 or $35 – as a deposit. This one-time payment can also be done in person using cash or charge. The deposit is non-refundable and will remain as a credit on file until the time of your reservation, at which point it can be used toward the total amount due.

Once your first appointment has been processed for a Hot Tub, a deposit will not be required for any future reservations. In the case of a cancellation outside of our 12-hour required notice, Hot Tub deposits for first-time customers will remain on file for future use.

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