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Creating opportunity: Morgan Autism Center


Photo courtesy of the Morgan Autism Center via the organization’s Facebook page.

For more than 40 years the Morgan Autism Center has served as a respected leader in providing “individualized educational services for children and adults with autism spectrum disorders.” The not-for-profit organization offers programs for school-age students and adults alike, and works to raise awareness about autism.

“The achievements of the Center’s School and Adult programs have been due to our remarkable, passionate staff and board, as well as our effective educational philosophy, which mines the best techniques from multiple developmental and educational models, and applies them to the individual needs of all students,” the Center states on its website.

The Morgan Autism Center describes its mission simply as “to help children and adults with autism or other developmental disabilities maximize their potential in a dignified, positive and loving environment.” You can show your support for the Center and help it realize its mission by donating, volunteering or sharing information about the Center with others.

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