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Cosmic awareness: AstroReality lands at Watercourse Way

Here at Watercourse Way we are constantly introducing
exciting new products in our stellar retail gallery. While we carry the kinds
of goodies one would expect to find at a day spa, such as candles, soaps and
aromatherapy diffusers, we also like to stock items that defy those

A recent such offering comes from AstroReality, “an
award-winning brand that innovates by merging physical products with augmented
reality. Creating immersive, tactile methods to explore science, space, and
life. AstroReality brings space experiences to life in the palm of your hand.”

AstroReality produces impeccable models of the moon, earth
and other planets in our solar system, all designed using NASA imagery. The
stunning models range in size from “mini” (approximately 30 millimeters in
diameter) to “max” (200 millimeters in diameter). Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune
are among the cosmic offerings available here at Watercourse. The models work
in conjunction with a downloadable smart device app that gives you an
unparalleled hands-on experience.

“Founded in January 2017, AstroReality was created to
transform education through the use of emerging technologies,” the company’s website
states. “Our augmented reality enabled planetary models were just the first
taste of how we will make science and education come alive in your hands.”

Zip on by our Retail Gallery to get a glimpse of our cosmic
collection. Spaceship optional.

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