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Copper’s Dream: Canine compassion


Petey is a 4-month old Shepherd-Lab mix available for adoption through Copper’s Dream

Few things in life are as rewarding as rescuing an animal in need, and those looking to add a furry companion to their family can find the right one through Copper’s Dream. “We love dogs. We love saving them. We love finding them great homes,” the Bay Area-based non-profit states on its website.

There are a wealth of adorable dogs up for adoption through the Copper’s Dream website, such as Petey, a 4-month old Shepherd-Lab mix; Twix, a 9-month old Terrier mix; and Nana, a 2-3 year old Cattle Dog/Aussie mix.

The Copper’s Dream site also features an array of useful links, such as resources for dog owners (training, insurance and more), ways to donate or volunteer, and stories about successful adoptions. To learn more or adopt a dog in need, visit

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