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Buddha, black sandalwood and the bat pack


One of the two new Buddha sculptures at Watercourse Way features a small bat perched on its right shoulder (signifying good luck, happiness and longevity)

Images of the Buddha – long a symbol of serenity and enlightenment – are not uncommon at Watercourse Way. Four small Buddha sculptures sit peacefully on shelves in the hallway leading from the lobby to the hot tub rooms, a horizontal Buddha painting hangs on the wall behind the front desk, and a large Buddha sculpture adorns one of the massage rooms upstairs (earning it the moniker, “The Buddha Room”). Not to be outdone, representations of Ganesha (wisdom) and Guanyin (compassion) can be spotted on the Watercourse grounds as well.

Two new Buddha statues have now appeared in the retail area of Watercourse by way of Xi’an, China. And the tandem is tough to miss. They are tall, grinning Buddhas carved from black sandalwood. One of the two features a small bat perched on its right shoulder (signifying good luck, happiness and longevity). Bats also represent intuition and rebirth — fitting for a zen-inspired spa where you can wash away the woes of yesterday and refresh both body and spirit. Coupled with the popular Nine Bats private hot tub room, the new “Bat Buddha” rounds out Watercourse Way’s bat pack.

The unique Buddha sculptures were hand carved by a master artist in China who has been carving for the better part of 40 years. Now in his 80s, the sculptor is doing less and less carving these days, making pieces like “The Bat Buddha” and his partner hard to find. Sandalwood is a popular fragrance used in incense and has medicinal properties, so its’ use in the carving feels particularly apropos. Swing by the Watercourse Way lobby for a look at the unique black-sandalwood Buddhas and stay for a healthy helping of serenity and happiness.


– Tyler Hanley
Watercourse Way staff

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