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Bill Empey: A Glass Act

Bill Empey’s glasswork in room Nine Bats

The exquisite design elements throughout Watercourse Way do not go unnoticed by the clientele and staff. From wood and tile work to water sculptures and wall art, every corner of the spa feels infused with an intricate, artisanal touch.

This holds especially true when discussing the detailed glasswork on display at Watercourse, courtesy of Emp’s Graphic Eye and its owner, Bill Empey. Empey’s aesthetic touch is visible in the hallways and the hot tub rooms, the lobby and parking lot. Empey is responsible for the massive oceanic mural in room Nine Bats, the glass-etched door in the main hallway and numerous other contributions around the spa.

Empey’s latest addition is the bamboo glasswork that borders the outside wall on Channing Avenue, near the parking lot. Watercourse has worked with artisans like Empey since first opening its doors in 1980. It is that infusion of artistry and design that has helped set Watercourse apart as one of the most popular and reputable spas in the country.

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