Moor Mud

Begin with an exfoliating dry brush treatment, which stimulates the lymphatic system and promotes circulation and blood flow throughout your body. Then warm and relax your muscles and open pores with steam. With warm open pores the Moor Mud full body masque is painted on and begins to replenish your skin with rich nutrients and antioxidants. A heated wrap enhances absorption of this healing mud as a purifying face treatment completes your full-body replenishing. When you are unwrapped a shower awaits where you rinse and return to the table for a green tea lotion massage.

• Dry brush treatment to exfoliate dead skin
• Infused steam with cold compress
• Application of Moor Mud
• Body wrap for full benefits with hot towel foot wrap
• Epicuren face treatment: Herbal Cleanser, Hydrating Mineral Mask, Protein Mist, Facial Emulsion
• Shower with Green Tea Wash
• Green Tea Lotion massage

90 min. dry brush, steam, wrap, facial & massage – $156

Our special for March – $133

* Specials not valid with other offers. No SpaFinder gift cards or discount cards.

Moor Mud is known for its cleansing, healing and detoxifying properties. Therapeutic benefits of Moor Mud include relieving of joint pain and skin inflammation, improving blood flow and lymphatic circulation, and nourishing the skin. This treatment helps balance the body because of natural mineral replenishing, detoxifying and inflammatory-reducing properties. It is a perfect treatment for when the body is feeling tired, dehydrated and undernourished. The combination of the Moor Mud and green tea will replenish the body and bring life to the skin.

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