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Retail spotlight: Reading, writing and relaxation

Our retail shop at Watercourse Way features all of the body-soothing, sweet-smelling goodies one would expect to find at a day spa – candles, soap, lotion, incense, facial products and the like. But Watercourse also carries merchandise you may not typically see at a spa, such as sculptures, chocolate, jewelry, greeting cards and (my personal favorite) books.

“More Than Human” by Tim Flach

“More Than Human” by Tim Flach

Our shelves are well stocked with a litany of literature, from pocket-sized books about “Fortune-Telling Colors” to coffee table page-turners packed with breathtaking photos. Here’s a peek at some of the offerings available, just in time for a little summer reading.

• “More Than Human” by Tim Flach – Award-winning photographer Tim Flach presents this visual feast of natural beauty, “a collection of the biggest mammals to the smallest insects.” Flach’s unique style showcases some of the planet’s most endearing and unusual animals. Centipedes, panda bears, panthers and more share the spotlight in British-born Flach’s hardback photo book from Abrams Books.

“Fortune-Telling Book of Colors” by K.C. Jones

“Fortune-Telling Book of Color” by K.C. Jones

  • “Fortune-Telling Book of Color” by K.C. Jones – Part of the bestselling “Fortune-Telling” series from San Francisco-based Chronicle Books, this handy little eye-opener explores the secrets behind the color spectrum. What does your favorite color say about you? This petite fortune-teller is rife with vibrant insight.

  • “Zen Gardens: The Complete Works of Shunmyo Masuno, Japan’s Leading Garden Designer” by Mira Locher – The unparalleled works of acclaimed Japanese landscape architect Shunmyo Masuno are explored in this visually striking retrospective from Tuttle Publishing. Garden lovers will salivate over the gorgeous photographs while landscaping enthusiasts can mine the drawings and illustrations for creative ideas and inspiration.

Zen Gardens

“Zen Gardens: The Complete Works of Shunmyo Masuno, Japan’s Leading Garden Designer” by Mira Locher

  • “The Tao of Stress” by Robert G. Santee, PhD – Tension is an all-too-common experience, but psychologist Robert G. Santee will teach you “how to calm, balance, and simplify your life” with this thoughtful book. Daily meditative skills, movement exercises and more are outlined in “The Tao of Stress” from New Harbinger Publications.

These are just a few of the books available at Watercourse Way. And a great book can go a long way toward some much-needed R&R (reading and relaxation).

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