Q&A with Eric Kolvenbach


Watercourse Way massage therapist Eric Kolvenbach

Eric is one of our most highly requested massage therapists. His knowledge of massage is so thorough that when we needed someone to train our therapists in biomechanics — methods to safely and effectively utilize your own body in performing bodywork on others — we tapped him for the job.

Watercourse Way: Where did your interest in massage come from?

Eric: An interest in the human body through Chinese medicine led me to want to learn about how the organ systems function in regards to stress and disease.

WCW: Where did you attend school? And did you have any special areas of interest?

Eric: Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Scottsdale, Arizona (it has since moved to Tempe, Ariz.). There I focused on Shiatsu, Acupressure, Chi Gung/Tui Na, Chinese Therapeutic Touch and Intuitive Massage.

WCW: How many years have you been performing massage?

Eric: 12, nine of them at Watercourse Way.

WCW: Do you have a different view on massage than when you first started? Explain briefly.

Eric: Years of experience has improved my confidence and technical ability, allowing me to create my own personal style, which helps to individualize each treatment. My work has become more personalized with experience.

WCW: Any other personal interests that feed into massage?

Eric: Tai Chi, meditation, exercise and Chi Gung help me keep in balance to better facilitate my ability to assist others with the same.

WCW: How do you like working at Watercourse Way? What makes it stand out from other places you’ve worked?

Eric: It’s a very peaceful place to work; my colleagues are very down to earth. And the bookings are catered to my abilities, so I am able to offer my specific specialties to each individual, allowing my clients to leave feeling completely relaxed.

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  1. Gail says:

    Eric is a great coworker, very pleasant and always has a smile to share with everyone, not to mention chocolates ^_^

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