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Organic Spa Magazine suggests ‘Remedies for Sleep’

Anyone who has ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed understands just how valuable a good night’s sleep is. Writer Mary Beth Janssen’s January 2019 article in Organic Spa Magazine visited the issue of restfulness by listing several “Remedies for Sleep.”

“Sleep deprivation zaps physical and mental energy and disrupts heart rate, blood pressure, hormone levels and so much more,” the article states. “It wreaks havoc with one of these hormones/neurotransmitters in particular – serotonin – the primary ‘feel good’ chemical in our body.”

The article explores “Two-To-One Breathing” as one simple remedy to help ensure a restful sleep.

“Regular diaphragmatic breathing is essential for inducing sleep,” Janssen writes. “However, some very specific breathing/pranayama techniques are especially powerful sleep-inducers. This two-to-one breathing pattern stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system – that part responsible for slowing down the heartbeat, lowering blood pressure, and creating harmonious brain wave patterns.”

Read the article.

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